Burnie Fuel Injection

Specialty Injection Services

As our name suggests, we are fuel injection specialists, whether it’s petrol or diesel, common rail or mechanical, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to get your injectors working their best. Your fuel injection system has a dramatic influence on the engine’s efficiency, torque and horsepower. We have specialised equipment that allows our staff to test injection duration, pressure, fuel flow, back leakage and injection delay.

We can fully rebuild common rail and mechanical injection systems for cars, trucks, four-wheel drives, agricultural equipment, earthmoving equipment, marine engines and much more. We also are equipped to perform two stage injector testing. To find out more about our specialist injector repair services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Turbo Chargers and Spare Parts

If your vehicle’s turbo charger is worn, malfunctioning or you require spare parts, we can help. We can supply and fit a huge range of turbo charger spare parts, as well as re-manufacturing turbo chargers to get them running like new again. If you’re interested in getting more power out of your engine, we can fit and tune turbo charger kits to suit a wide variety of applications. Our long history in the automotive industry means that we can properly assess your requirements and professionally install a suitable aftermarket turbocharger kit.

To find out more about our turbo charger spare parts, re-manufacturing and aftermarket installations, contact us today.

Burnie Fuel Injection
Burnie Fuel Injection

Vehicle Enhancements

For years we have been supplying and fitting aftermarket turbo and intercooler packages from Denco, HPD and MTQ. To compliment this we have recently become an agent for Roo-Systems, an Australian company at the forefront of diesel performance ECU tuning and exhaust packages for common rail vehicles. Together with these suppliers we can reliable increase power and torque by 35% while at the same time improving fuel economy at least by 10%.

To find out more about our vehicle enahancements, contact us today.

Mechanical Repairs

As well as our specialty services listed above, we also provide professional mechanical repairs for all makes and models. We provide routine manufacturer logbook servicing so that you save yourself that costly trip to the dealership, without voiding your factory warranty. For vehicles outside of their warranty period, we provide minor and major servicing options using quality aftermarket components.

We can also service, repair and replace the following:

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Transmission
  • Clutch
  • Cooling System
  • Much more

We can also provide a comprehensive range of Direction Plus products, including catch cans, prefilters and injector fitment kits.

To find out more about our wide range of mechanical repairs for all vehicles, or to make a booking, contact us today

Burnie Fuel Injection